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n Episode 122, Jason and Greg Lafollette discuss the profession and how it’s changed since Greg’s first visit to the show (Greg Lafollette was the Thrivecast’s first guest ever 10 years ago!). Greg Lafollette is a prominent consultant, speaker, and overall accounting expert, specifically in the field of technology integration to further the profession. Greg LaFollette was an early adopter of Webcasting and Podcasting, and the founder (in 2004) of The Tech Gap, the first blog dedicated specifically to area of tax and technology. His interdisciplinary career path has allowed Greg to bring a 360° perspective to many of the issues of public accountancy. He was named to the CPA Practice Advisor’s “Hall of Fame” in 2011, and is listed among the Top 25 Though Leaders in Accounting and the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting.

Greg and Jason talk about how technology has led the accounting world to what it is today and what it may become tomorrow. Insights for your firm’s future await!

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About our guest: Greg Lafollette

Greg began his career in Sioux Falls, SD after completing his professional accountancy training at Augustana University. In 1998, Greg left public practice and Sioux Falls in order to join Thompson Reuters as Vice President of Product Strategy. In 2004, Greg left Thompson Reuters to become Executive Editor of the CPA Technology Advisor. Greg’s tenure at the CPA Technology Advisor (now known as the CPA Practice Advisor) lasted until 2010 when accepted a position as VP Product Strategy with CPA2Biz (now known as, a subsidiary of the AICPA. Although Greg retired from that position in January 2014, he maintains an ongoing relationship with as a Strategic Advisor.

Greg continues to travel for consulting and public speaking purposes, giving keynotes for state and national CPA conferences throughout the United States. He is currently a member of the Subject Matter Panel on Technology and a regular columnist for the Journal of Accountancy, and serves as Chair of the Board of Ethics for the city of Sioux Falls where…

Greg Lafollette

Strategic Advisor at

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