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Jason Blumer

Client Consumption of Your Firm’s Value

As professionals we are renowned for the things we know. In fact, that’s what we sell - our expertise and experience. Professionals get smarter...

Jason Blumer

New Year, Same Me

I saw a funny gif recently that said “New Year, Same Me.” It’s a joke - meaning the same lazy person that eats chips...

Toni Cameron

What is your Why

Everyone has had a moment when you look down at your to-do list and just sit and stare. You (probably) know what I am...

Jason Blumer

The Strategy of Reading Books

Just like everything in an entrepreneur’s life, there is a lot of strategy to the choices we make. In fact, this is a human...

Jason Blumer

What is a Firm? Part 2

In Part 1 of What is a Firm?, we discussed the truth about what leading a firm will actually require of a firm entrepreneur...

Jason Blumer

What is a Firm? Part 1

Professions are always changing. It takes time to watch them undergo change, to reflect on them, to listen to what ever-changing markets want from...

Jason Blumer

Stop Judging My Work with Your Lens

I work on Saturdays at our cowork space alone. It’s a quiet time for me, and a special time for me to be creative....

Jason Blumer

Integrating Our Firm’s Processes

I just spent a couple of hours on a Saturday detailing out a potential new high-value process in our firm that we’ll be launching...

Jason Blumer

A New Decade

Welcome to a new decade. That is so weird to write, but here we start a new decade. All of us. At this time,...

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