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Jason Blumer

Don’t Be Scared of Work: Balance is the Key

Maybe someone needs to read this article. As encouragement. The intent is to bring balance to some pervasive thinking in the world right now....

Jason Blumer

Client Consumption of Your Firm’s Value

As professionals we are renowned for the things we know. In fact, that’s what we sell - our expertise and experience. Professionals get smarter...

Jason Blumer

New Year, Same Me

I saw a funny gif recently that said “New Year, Same Me.” It’s a joke - meaning the same lazy person that eats chips...

Toni Cameron

What is your Why

Everyone has had a moment when you look down at your to-do list and just sit and stare. You (probably) know what I am...

Jason Blumer

The Strategy of Reading Books

Just like everything in an entrepreneur’s life, there is a lot of strategy to the choices we make. In fact, this is a human...

Jason Blumer

What is a Firm? Part 2

In Part 1 of What is a Firm?, we discussed the truth about what leading a firm will actually require of a firm entrepreneur...

Jason Blumer

What is a Firm? Part 1

Professions are always changing. It takes time to watch them undergo change, to reflect on them, to listen to what ever-changing markets want from...

Jason Blumer

Stop Judging My Work with Your Lens

I work on Saturdays at our cowork space alone. It’s a quiet time for me, and a special time for me to be creative....

Jason Blumer

Integrating Our Firm’s Processes

I just spent a couple of hours on a Saturday detailing out a potential new high-value process in our firm that we’ll be launching...

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