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We just wrapped up Thriveal’s Deeper Weekend 2019 conference. Jason set a new record for use of the word “butthole” at an accounting conference. He also taught us about the Entrepreneurial Accounting Organization (“EAO”), and the very first principle of an EAO was “Client Focuses.”

Determining your firm’s Client Focuses means you get to select what types of clients you want to target. Basically, if you want to run your firm in an entrepreneurialistic™ way, you need to find a niche.

Discovering and pursuing a niche is incredibly important, but what’s weird is that it’s never urgent, landing it squarely in Quadrant Two of Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits Time Management Matrix. (True story, I’ve been in Stephen Covey’s home in Provo, Utah, and I very much regret that I didn’t steal something.) Read more

I led with a provocative title. I hope I got your attention! I’m not just trying to trick you into reading this article; I actually believe the title is true. But I know it takes a while to get to a place where accounting firm owners can give up performing accounting. The whole reason I bring this up is because I’ve been interested in what it takes to scale an accounting firm lately (I actually wrote a free guide to help you do just that). I’ve been interested in this topic because Jeff Phillips, CEO of and myself will be teaching on how to scale your accounting firm at this year’s Deeper Weekend conference (see more details below).

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For many entrepreneurial leaders, it feels odd asking for help, or relying on others. After all, entrepreneurs are people with passion and grit to do amazing things. But that passion and grit can get you only so far as your firm starts to scale larger. It often becomes surprising that the passion begins to drain out of the Founder of an entrepreneurial company that is growing larger.


At that point, the firm leaders/founders need help to continue to scale a company in a healthy way, and the job of the firm CEO becomes more tightly focused on leadership and vision. I can tell you from experience that to maintain a healthy focus on leadership and vision means the CEO/Founder must remain personally healthy. Things can fall apart quickly if the firm founder is being drained, not sleeping well, not eating well, or failing to exercise. Again, it’s hard for the entrepreneurial leaders themselves to request this help because they are the types of people that don’t typically seek help.


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