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Don’t force me to be thankful.

The thing that makes me the most un-thankful is when someone says we should go around the table and have everyone say something they’re thankful for. I’m thankful when that crap is over because I want to eat.

And on Thanksgiving I’m not just eating. I’m an artist. I’m trying to consume a very precise quantity of food: not enough to cause an aneurysm when I bend down to tie my shoes, but pretty f***ing close.

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Peter Block is one of Jason Blumer’s heros. We had the honor of interviewing him for the August 2019 episode of the Thrivecast. And Peter Block turned Jason into a 14-year-old fangirl.

He wasn’t a fangirl like screaming and crying and fainting for the Beatles. That’s more like a 13-year-old fangirl. Jason was just very concerned that by the end of the interview Peter Block would like him. He simply wanted Peter Block to be his BFF in such a manner that their families would vacation together starting on Labor Day.

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Every month, Thriveal Community Group members discuss a topic relevant to the journey of entrepreneurial accounting firm owners. February’s focus was on work-life tensions, a timely discussion as many members headed into the most hectic time of the year.

The term “work-life balance” first appeared in American news media in the 1980s. At the time, most of the attention was on working mothers trying to take care of their kids and homes while holding a full-time job. As real as those challenges were (and still are!), there was little recognition of others’ work-life tensions. Eventually, that changed. Read more

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Would you get a tattoo of your firm’s logo? The logo of the firm you own or work for? I’m not talking about a tattoo on your forehead or neck or butt. I’m talking about a tattoo in a normal place like your shoulder or ankle or just above your butt.


People get tattoos of company logos all the time. People get Harley-Davidson tattoos so often it’s boring. I mean if you’re going to have a midlife crisis, at least put some thought into it. But people also get tattoos of some real weirdo corporate stuff like the guy who got a tattoo of the KFC Double Down and the guy with the Walmart tramp stamp. I’m pretty sure the KFC one was a paid stunt, and I’m confident the Walmart one was joke (and as a joke, it’s the definition of being committed to a bit). Read more