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Scaling Groups


This is Thriveal’s 7 month course running from July to January every year. The program is extensive so runs in two Cohorts over two years. Each Cohort is attended independently from one another. To attend the Cohort 2.0, you must have completed Cohort 1.0. The first Cohort includes Introduction and work on the Prototype Components Model for Growth, while the second Cohort moves into more complex modeling of Team Structures and Capacity Management in firms, along with more application tools. The Cohorts require attendance at 90 minute meetings each month, as well as monthly homework. Prerequisite: the firm owner is working full time in their firm, and leading team as they enter the Scaling groups.


20 entrepeneurs per group

Work in small groups with other entrepreneurs over a 7 month period. The group leverages a curriculum-based course with monthly homework requirements. The purpose is to drive the implementation of complex scaling principles and practices into the firm to aid in sustainable growth over time.


11 Hours of CPE

Thriveal is a NASBA certified organization and provides entrepreneurial education to firm owners across the globe. All learning is entrepreneurial in nature and focused on growth.


Price is $695/month

Investing in entrepreneurial education for firm owners is paramount so that firms can scale sustainably over time. Technical owners need the investment of entrepreneurial education in order to build appropriate foundations.

Members of the Thriveal community receive 20% off of all programs.

The Details


The Scaling groups require participation in seven 90-minute meetings from July to January. Coming together as a group to mastermind through common struggles drives learning deeper into each firm.


Scaling members are required to be working with a team in place before entering into the group. Leveraging the strength of a team in growth creates more complexity in scaling yet is key to scaling successfully over time.


Thriveal programs are based on the proprietary growth model developed by the owners called the Prototype Components Model for Growth. This is a model that provides structure, balance, and order to entrepreneurs scaling service-based organizations. You can watch an introduction to the model below

Scaling Groups Agenda

Part I

90 Minutes

  1. When? Every 2nd Wednesday, 1 pm, EST
  2. 30 minutes: Discuss any homework Q’s up to this point in the group
  3. 30 minutes: Teaching on a topic on the Prototype Components model
  4. 30 minutes: Ask a question of the group you can’t solve on your own related to your firm and/or the Prototype Components Model for Growth

Part II

Cohort 1, Year 1 (2022)


Cohort 2, Year 2 (2023)


Establishing your goals for growth: do you want what growth means?

Theme: Goal Setting

Establishing your goals for growth around: Revenue, Team, Capacity, and Processes

Theme: Goal Setting




Component 5:
Service Offerings

Theme: New Services
and Packages


Tracking and Reporting on the big 3: Revenue, Team Capacity, and Processes

Theme: Tool Introductions



Component 7:
Revenue Structures

Theme: Pricing & Value

Building your Accountability Chart (AC) and your Team Structure Capacity Chart (TSCC)

Theme: Tool Introductions



Capacity Exchange Bridge

Theme: Balancing
Revenue & Capacity



Module 1: Structuring Your Team to Serve Your Clients in Scaling

Theme: Define Revenue Requirements



Component 8:
Team Structures

Theme: Roles & Clarity

Module 2: Structuring Your Team to Serve Your Clients in Scaling (AC)
Theme: Build Team Structure




Component 10:
Accountable Processes

Theme: Consistency &
Project Management


Module 3: Struturing Your Capacity Management to Serve Your Firm in Scaling (TSCC)

Theme: Assess Team Capacity




Leadership Alley

Theme: Theme: Leadership

Laying out your
30, 120,and 1 year plans

Theme: Future Planning



$250 non-refundable deposit due (to be deducted from your 1st month’s payment)

Scaling Groups

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