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In Episode 113, Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte welcome mental fitness expert Marc Champagne onto the Thrivecast.  Entrepreneurship is challenging on your mental capacity and it so important to set up strategies to combat mental fatigue.  Marc provides great insights on the best way to strengthen your mental health and easy methods to start implementing today!

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About our guest: Marc Champagne

Marc Champagne unpacks the mental fitness practices and reflective questions shaping the lives of some of the most successful and brilliant thinkers in the world. He is the host of the top 50 podcastBehind The Human” and co-founded the journaling app (KYO) which ended up reaching over 86 million people without any paid advertising, all within the first two years of launch.

He has studied mental fitness practices for over a decade, consulted for top-rated and app store featured digital journals, and leads the Mental Fitness program at the THRIVE Performance & Regenerative Medicine clinic.

Marc is also writing a book introducing a completely different approach to daily reflection—inspired by the reflective questions and mental fitness practices of legends and top performers.

Marc Champagne

Host of “Behind The Human”

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