The Value of Core Values


In Episode 117, Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte discuss the topic of core values.  This might seem like an unnecessary practice, but if you don’t establish your firm values intentionally they will form unintentionally.  Ethan King shares his story about how core values turned his business around and what you can do in your firm to define your core values.

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About our guest: Ethan King

Having evolved from starving artist to owning multiple million-dollar brands, Ethan King adds a new dimension of “cool” to entrepreneurship, by helping high achievers optimize their life & style.

The co-founder & CEO of Zeus’ Closet also serves as former Atlanta chapter president, and global member-leader, in the nonprofit Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), helping 14,000+ business owners in 62 countries grow personally and professionally.

Ethan also owns the popular fraternity/sorority store stuff4GREEKS, and his most recent venture is 6 Pack Dads.

Ethan King

CEO of Zeus’ Closet

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