Diving Into Design Thinking and an Interview with CEO of Bill.com, Rene Lacerte


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Jason and Greg discuss design thinking concepts based on this article from HBR. Jason suggests that businesses are often asking the wrong questions in their attempts to be efficient or even innovative. He explains that design thinking can help us become MORE innovative as we are totally focused on our customers. Greg shares that we should often leave the office to spend time with our customers learning how to solve their pain on their turf. As always, we come back to the evils of the billable hour, which moves us away from innovation and finding ways to surprise and delight the customer.

Rene Lacerte of Bill.com joins Jason and Greg and shares with them his journey as a 4th generation entrepreneur. Rene also shares his perspective on competition in the marketplace. Greg and Rene bond over their similar backgrounds in competitive swimming.

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About our guest: Rene Lacerte

René founded Bill.com in April 2006, bringing with him more than 20 years experience in the finance, software and payments industries. Built from a legacy of four generations of entrepreneurs, René developed the concept for Bill.com based on personal experience growing new businesses. He recognized the need to improve the lives of business owners by simplifying, consolidating and automating all the critical data and transaction capability into a personalized mobile command and control center that works for all businesses.

Rene Lacerte

Founder Bill.com

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