The Immense Value of Content Creation

Transcript: Jason Blumer here, and I wanted to quickly talk about the benefits of writing. As we head into 2021, I just want to point out all the benefits I gained from writing. So I have a whole day set aside for writing and content creation. We do a lot of writing and webinar creation with our partners, our sponsor partners. We do a lot of writing and video creation for our firm.

And having to be forced into a place to produce content, what it really does for me, personally, is it really helps me think through a lot of the things I’m learning and growing in. And I’ve been doing it for years. And it’s something I never realized, but when I want to write something or create something like, if you’ve come to any of my webinars, I take time to research those thoughts in my head. And I have a notebook where I journal my ideas about new webinars and content I want to create.

There’s a process I go through. Things start coming up in my head. Then I get my notebook out and I journal these ideas down. And then I form them into a webinar. Well, what this does for me is it really solidifies my thinking and understanding about the things I’m writing about or creating webinars about. So if you read anything I’ve written, or if you see any webinars I’ve done, there was a process behind that, a pretty intensive process for me to understand those things. I had to learn them myself first.

And so when you produce content for yourself, you are going to grow and learn so much more than when you’re not outputting a lot of your thoughts and ideas. So as people, we’re not meant to be only consumers. So if we consume information, that’s good. We’re meant to output that information too. And it makes us better people. And it makes us smarter people because we learn more about the things we’re thinking about when we output them in an organized way. It forces us to organize them. And by doing that, we understand it better.

So the value of writing is just huge. And I wanted to say that out loud, how we do that and the value it’s been to me personally. I hope you can commit to some writing and creating videos in 2021. It’s going to make you a better professional. It’s going to make you smarter too, because already you have those smarts in your head. Just organizing those will allow you to speak about those in more concrete terms and really deliver education in a different way than most professionals can. Hope that helps. Happy 2021.

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