Improving Team Collaboration

Transcript: Our firm just had a great team retreat. It was supposed to be in person, but COVID meant we had to pivot that to a virtual retreat and that’s fine. It turned out being pretty awesome. And one thing that was proven that we knew walking into was we prepared a whole agenda of some teaching from me and my partner, but some teaching from our team, and then collaborative practice where all these communities come together. All the people in the community come together through collaboration and the wisdom they produced together is amazing. So anytime you’re leading an event, anytime you’re bringing a community together, limit some of your teaching, push people together, push them in groups, push them in community. The things they will learn together is mind blowing because they’re just as smart and as wise as any speaker. They have history, they have abilities.

And when you push people together, that event becomes stronger, better, wiser. You get more information out of it. People are more bought in. It’s just a beautiful time together when the leaders of an event or a company step back and let their team lead because the team is also amazing. So that’s just a hint we knew going in, and it turned out even better than we thought. It’s just amazing what our team can do. Their brilliance, their thought, their care, their love for one another. And it just drove all of that even deeper. So virtual team retreats, push your team together in those. Do breakout rooms and zoom, or however you do that, and you’ll see some amazing things happen. So thanks so much. Take care.

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