Using Constraints to Generate Creative Ideas with Guest Dr. Caneel Joyce


Episode 36 is all about ideas. First Jason and Greg generate 10 ideas for new businesses and discuss this article about building your idea muscle. In the next segment, Dr. Caneel Joyce joins the conversation and helps them use constraints to creatively solve problems.

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The Caneelian
The Blank Page: Effects of Constraint on Creativity by Caneel Joyce

Audio Engineering by: Aaron Dowd

Produced by: Jennifer Blumer

About our guest: Dr. Caneel Joyce

Dr. Caneel Joyce is an ideawoman, design strategist, and startup team builder living in San Francisco. In her former life, she was a professor of organizational behavior (Haas, LSE). She uses creativity, data and psychology to design powerful products and build kickass companies. You can read her blog at The Caneelian where she writes on topics including creativity and especially how constraints help us be creative. In fact, her dissertation was entitled The Blank Page: Effects of Constraint on Creativity

Dr. Caneel Joyce


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