The Value of Stories with Guest Adam Davidson


Episode 37 is all about using stories to communicate big ideas. Jason and Greg talk about the importance of story and then Adam Davidson (of NPR and New York Times fame) shares stories about what he has learned about the profession of Accounting for a book he’s writing.

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Produced by: Jennifer Blumer

About our guest: Adam Davidson

Adam Davidson is co-founder and co-host of Planet Money, a co-production of NPR and This American Life. He also is a regular contributor for the New York Times Magazine.

His work has won several major awards including the Peabody, DuPont-Columbia, and the Polk. His radio documentary on the housing crisis, “The Giant Pool of Money,” which he co-reported and produced with Alex Blumberg, was named one of the top ten works of journalism of the decade by the Arthur L. Carter of Journalism Institute at New York University. It was widely recognized as the clearest and most entertaining explanation of the roots of the financial crisis in any media.

Davidson and Blumberg took the lessons they learned crafting “The Giant Pool of Money” to create Planet Money. In two weekly podcasts, a blog, and regular features on Morning Edition, All Things Considered and This American Life, Planet Money helps listeners understand how dramatic economic change is impacting their lives. Planet Money also proves, every…

Adam Davidson


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