Managing Client Expectations with Guest Clayton Oates


In Episode 80, Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte consider what it takes to meet and exceed client expectations. They get into a discussion about scope creep and scope seep, what that means for teams and clients, and how to delight clients while still managing scope. Clayton Oates of QA Business joins them with further insights on serving clients.

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6 Tips To Managing Client Expectations
Clayton Oates

Audio Engineering by: Aaron Dowd

Produced by: Jennifer Blumer

About our guest: Clayton Oates

Clayton will inspire you!

This (Ex) Accountant is living proof of how you can combine Accounting & Technology to dramatically transform your life by helping others.

During the past 25 years, Clayton and his team at QA Business have educated more than 20,000 small business owners, operators, accountants, bookkeepers and consultants in utilizing technology to buy back precious time from their businesses. Clayton now devotes his time and energy in helping educate other Advisors around the world on how they can be the Difference Maker for their clients.

Clayton is a passionate and engaging communicator and you are going to love what he has to share in this podcast.

(Clayton is also a recognised Top 25 Thought Leader in Accounting Technology by CPA Practice Advisor)

Clayton Oates

Founder, QA Business

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