Live from Deeper Weekend 2017: How to Scale and Stay Punk Rock


In Episode 77, Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte are live with Jeff Phillips and the Deeper Weekend 2017 attendees in Greenville, SC! They bring a little bit of the first day’s content to our listeners by discussing why making decisions takes courage, the difference between a growth ceiling and the doldrums, why your customers want you to be a pain reliever and not a vitamin, and so much more. They also take questions from the live audience.

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Audio Engineering by: Aaron Dowd

Produced by: Jennifer Blumer

About our guest: Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips is CEO of Accountingfly and publisher of  Accountingfly builds powerful online tools that source talent for financial recruiters. Previously, Jeff was with, where he advised Fortune 500 clients such as H&R Block, Walmart, and Exxon how to use internet marketing to hire better candidates at a lower cost.

Jeff Phillips

CEO, Accountingfly

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