Jason and Greg’s Summer Book Club


In Episode 61, Jason and Greg repeat a tradition by having book club time. Hear about the books they have loved (or not) and how they have implemented some of the ideas into their own lives. Jason’s 2 books were both by Gino Wickman: Traction and Rocket Fuel. Greg discussed To Sell Is Human by Dan Pink and The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor.

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Mentioned in the show:

Seth Godin
Epsiode 55 with Gretchen Rubin
The Happiness Project
Melinda Guillemette
Corey Lord
Deeper Weekend
Blair Enns

Audio Engineering by: Aaron Dowd

Produced by: Jennifer Blumer

About our guest: Jason and Greg

Jason and Greg have been irreverently sharing their thoughts on the Accounting Profession for over 5 years now on the Thrivecast.

Jason and Greg


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