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In Episode 106, Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte welcome Thriveal member Eric Killian to the Thrivecast.  Being a part of a community during a turbulent time, like we are all currently facing, can provide a great deal of support.  It is human nature to exist on connection with others and we need that now more than ever.  Jason, Greg and Eric discuss the importance of a virtual community, like Thriveal, and how you can benefit the most from finding your community.

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About our guest: Eric Killian

Eric is a 2nd generation CPA firm owner and the founder of The Fitness CPA. He has been a full-time firm owner since 2014. From 2014 to 2017 Eric was the CFO and a board member of a national fitness franchise which he helped to grow to 17 locations across five states. Prior to that Eric worked at a local CPA firm in Boulder, Colorado and a regional CPA firm in the Baltimore regional area. When taking a break from accounting you’ll find Eric volunteering with the Colorado Mountain Club, working out with his personal trainer, swimming laps with his swim coach, and practicing yoga.

Eric Killian

Founder, The Fitness CPA

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