Innovation Catalysts and The Disruption of Higher Education

Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte are excited (giddy) to kick off the THRIVEcast by interviewing each other.  We learn that Jason loves serving creative clients (Neil Diamond cover bands and Elvis Impersonators?) and Greg once opened for Weird Al Yankovic at the Utah State Fair.  Yes folks, these are your hosts of the THRIVEcast!

Greg brings us an article from the June 2011 Harvard Business Review called The Innovation Catalysts.  His greatest take-away from the article is that CPAs and other service providers need to move from simply satisfying their customers to delighting them.

Jason also looks to the Harvard Business Review for the inaugural podcast.  In the July/August 2011 issue, he finds an article about the Disruption of Higher Education.  Jason and Greg discuss why they believe it is important for change to occur at the university level in order for the accounting industry to be as innovative as possible.

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About our guest: Greg Kyte

What?! An MBA, a licensed CPA, and a working comedian?! Hells yes. Greg has worked as an accountant in both public practice and in industry. His comedic experience ranges from stand up to improv to sketch: live shows, videos, comedy clubs, and corporate events.

Greg Kyte

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