From Side Hustle to Success with Seth David


Welcome back to the Thrivecast, where we dive into the heart of what makes firms thrive. In today’s episode, we’re honored to host Seth David, the founder and chief nerd at Nerd Enterprises, who’s here to share his unique and inspirational journey with us. Seth takes us from his former life on Wall Street to 25 years of sobriety and entrepreneurship in sunny California.

This episode also spotlights the evolution of Nerd Enterprises from a side hustle to a sought-after firm and how Seth’s genuine and helpful content carved out a niche on YouTube. We’ll touch upon the future of accounting, the integration of AI and advisory services, and the radical transformations within the industry.

Seth talks about the art of making banking fun and how his passion led him to challenge the norms within the accounting industry. We’ll dissect the concept of impact over numbers as we discuss the growth of Seth’s YouTube channel, breaking down why influence is more significant than subscriber count while exploring Seth’s discomfort with being labeled as an “influencer.”

Join us as we dive into Seth’s innovative use of AI in his business practices, where his AI assistant, Sandy, is revolutionizing the way he works. We’ll hear why Seth believes in nurturing community, selflessness, and the importance of “esteemable acts” in both recovery and business success.

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