Education, Technology, and the CPA Path with Dr Josh McGowan, CPA


Our special guest for this Thrivecast episode, Dr. Josh McGowan from Troy University, brings his wealth of knowledge as a university professor with a robust background in public accounting, teaching, and serving as a CFO. He offers insights into the professorial life and the importance of incorporating modern technology like AI into the classroom.

Our host, Jason Blumer, also emphasizes the critical role of mentorship and real-world experience in shaping future accountants.

Their discussion will not just revolve around the figures; they’ll also tackle recent changes to the CPA exam structure, the implications of these changes for students, and career trajectories. There’s a buzz about whether the 150-hour rule is serving its purpose, amidst concerns of a shrinking pool of accounting major graduates.

Stay tuned as Jason and Josh unpack these topics, and much more, breaking down everything you need to know to understand the evolving landscape of the accounting profession.

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