Am I An Entrepreneur?


Are you an entrepreneur and how is that different from being a small business owner? Or is it? Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte discuss a couple of articles that ask this question. They decide that it may be hard to find a definition that will make everyone happy, but there is value in the discussion. Then Guy Pearson of Practice Ignition joins the call, and no matter your definition, you have to agree that Guy is an entrepreneur once you hear his story.

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Rise of the Lifestyle Firm by Jason Blumer
Deeper Weekend

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About our guest: Guy Pearson

Guy is an entrepreneurial accountant that is passionate on removing bottlenecks from business processes in order to achieve scalability. He is a big believer in technology over outsourcing where possible and suitable.

With a background in accounting in public practice and a self taught knowledge of technology, Guy believes that any business can achieve a single point of truth for their ownership in dashboard form in order to makes decisions on which levers to pull and push.

He is currently 100% focused on turning Practice Ignition into the single point of collaboration for small business owners and their advisors.

Guy Pearson

Entrepreneurial Accountant

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