A Growth Story with our guest, Kenji Kuramoto


In Episode 81, Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte work through a couple of major hindrances to firm growth. They are then joined by Kenji Kuramoto who shares his story of successful growth (Although he has experienced hindrances too at times!). Kenji also shares how his team decides which niches to pursue and how his day to day work has changed as his company has grown.

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Audio Engineering by: Aaron Dowd

Produced by: Jennifer Blumer

About our guest: Kenji Kuramoto

Kenji is the Founder of Acuity which builds and maintain financial functions for entrepreneurs and startups. Through Acuity, he’s provided thousands of companies with a full range of financial solutions, from high-level strategic financial counsel through its fractional CFO practice all the way to virtualized bookkeeping solutions for early stage startups. Kenji’s core business mission is to provide scalable financial solutions for entrepreneurs, so that their main focus can be on growing their company. He is passionate about advancing the profession of accounting through the use of technology and acts as an advisor to numerous financial software companies and currently serves as a member of Xero’s Partner Advisory Council.

Kenji is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Georgia and a graduate of Wake Forest University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He began his career in the Atlanta office of Arthur Andersen where he focused on emerging enterprise clients. Kenji left public accounting during the “Dot.com Boom” to follow a more entrepreneurial path and joined…

Kenji Kuramoto


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