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I have a great job. I’m the in-house CPA for a group of medical office buildings.

We have a tiny staff, so part of our culture is that nothing is below anyone’s pay grade. Our motto is, “Everybody does whatever the @#$% it takes to get $#!+ done.” Because of that I’m not just an accountant. From time to time I’m also a snow plow driver, landscaper, bouncer, toilet unclogger and self-storage facility manager.

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How can you tell the difference between a firm that is only claiming expertise as an advisor and one that is truly the earned expert? It’s hard for the client to discern this difference from outside the firm, but there are some distinctives that can help identify those that are true experts.


Two distinctives can point to this reality: (1) the number of clients in the firm, and (2) the size of the firm’s invoices. Read more

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I hate the Teacups. I get way too barfy because I get motion sick way too easy. And because of the nausea, I get sour grapes, too. I mean everyone looks like they’re having a blast, but you’re just spinning in circles like an idiot, right?


My son loves LegoLand. I love it, too, but only because my son loves it so damn much. If it weren’t for the joy it brings him, it could burn to the ground and the world would be a better place.¹  If you’ve been there, you get it. Read more