Deeper Weekend 2014

The Thriveal Manifesto

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The insights of vision are held tightly in the hands of the leaders of enterprise.

The necessity of courageous experimentation
is solely the burden of the owner of companies.
Owners of innovative CPA firms are great examples of leadership and courage. The burden of running a firm is a journey in learning what works and fully bearing the burdens of the good and/or poor results of the owners decisions. Often met with fear, firm owners must act with courage when making decisions about things they often don’t understand. With the customer in mind, firm owners seek to sell new services that can help bring clarity to the businesses they serve. Not only are they technicians, but we believe CPAs are entrepreneurs eliminating the pain of those they serve.


The main purpose of the Thriveal CPA Network is to support firm owners as they learn how to become better business owners, lead people with courage, experiment in innovations, and change the lives of those they serve.
This manifesto is a proclamation of our beliefs.
If you are part of our community, then you are a believer.


We believe in disrupting the future of our profession.  There are many things to change about the profession of public accounting, and we believe we can be an entrepreneurial force to change the lives of those we serve.  However, we will still stand firmly on our traditional foundation of solid technical knowledge in our field.  Technically, we are the best.  We love our craft.  But the conservative nature of technical proficiencies will not keep us from mixing appropriate risk into our firms, trying new things and, if necessary, disrupting the beliefs, methodologies, and practices within our profession.  Polarization may be a result… and so be it.  Common practices or best practices will not be found in Thriveal, as each firm leader is carving their own particular path to firm disruption.  Benchmarking is foreign to thrivealists.  We will not continue to do the same things we did last year.  We are disrupters, so change will be a part of our firms.


We believe in leading the important role of innovation within our profession.  Innovation is the burden of the firm’s CEO, the owner.  We will constantly experiment with new products, new services, new processes, new technology, new business models, new ideas and new profits.  We believe the regulatory framework which protects our licenses, our firms, and our customers does not hinder us from leading an entrepreneurial enterprise.  We will not shrink away from new things as we build only for the good of our customers, carrying with us the boldness to create, test and launch our new ideas into the public marketplace of business.  We are innovators and we are the Creative Directors of our firms.


We believe in learning from our world, our peers, our teams and our customers.  The ability to humbly learn from others is what will make us better at every aspect of running our firms.  We do not seek to ‘tell others’ what they should do, but recognize the individuality of each separate firm, and only seek to ‘add to’ the learning of others.  But ‘adding to’ the learning of others does not mean we shrink from challenging firm leaders to higher and higher levels of learning.  We do not agree with mediocrity simply because doing new things is hard.  We expose mediocrity.  We will seek each other out to become better at what we do, always focused on making each other better at leading our firms.  We are learners and will always be changing because we are always learning.

Manifesto - Courage

We believe the best leaders of tomorrow’s firms are those who acknowledge their fears, push through those fears with foundational learning and maintain courage through leadership.  Running a firm is a very difficult task, and we recognize that fact with no apologies.  But we do not believe in giving fear a foothold into the future operation of our firms.  With the support of a community, we will remain courageous in our jobs as leaders.  We are courageous leaders and we will lead our profession, our customers, our teams and each other with courageous leadership.


We believe our customers are the focus of our innovations, learning and leadership.  That is, we make decisions with the customer in mind.  We don’t own jobs, but instead own an enterprise on a mission to change the lives of those we serve.  Our customers are worthy of our service, or we boldly choose not to serve them.  We stop all dysfunctional relationships with customers, no matter what they are paying us.  We stop relationships with customers who are in control of our work and our teams.  We stop relationships with customers who fail to see our value.  We stop relationships with customers who can not pay us well for the work and service we perform.  We are customer-lovers, and our service centers around them and how our involvement in their lives can bring lasting transformation.


We believe the recognition of value, the communication of value and the maintenance of value is a foundational understanding of our service to our customers.  Value recognition is our branding and positioning in the sea of CPA firms.  Most often seen in our pricing, we are firms focused on delivering ‘value-only’ services, and thus demand a significantly higher price for our work.  Because of our efforts to teach value to our customers, we maintain ‘clean’ customer lists that recognize and desire high value work.  We will seek to deliver no other type of work.  All disruptions, innovations, learning, and leadership fall squarely on customers who see our value and are willing to pay for it.  We are value-deliverers, believe this and proudly share this fact with the world.

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