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REFM -  Adrian Photo Square - CATOBI think we’ve been duped: you, like me, have probably been told somewhere along the line that ‘accounting is the language of business.’ It’s not.

I think we like to think it is. I think we feel good that we can say that about our chosen profession. But I think we do a disservice to ourselves and our customers by subscribing to this notion.

You might have heard that joke about the helicopter pilot that got lost in the skies above Seattle — it was a foggy day, and visibility was very low. He circled and circled, but couldn’t seem to get his bearings. Then he pulled alongside a window of one of the taller skyscrapers, and had his co-pilot scrawl a question onto a poster board and hold it up to the cockpit window: “Where are we?” The folks inside quickly found some flip chart paper, wrote up their reply, and held it up to the building window: “In a helicopter.” The pilot immediately headed north, took two quick turns, and set the chopper down back at the landing pad. Stunned, the co-pilot finally managed to ask, “What … how…did you know to do that?” “Well, I knew we were at the Microsoft building, and it was a just a matter of making a few turns to get home,” the pilot replied. “But how did you know we were at the Microsoft building?” “I knew because the engineers there gave me an answer that was technically correct, but completely unhelpful.” Read more


Jason BlumerIs time important? (Pardon me while I wax philosophical.)  Most people would probably say yes.  Possibly, people who are worried or stressed find time more important than others as the approaching of a certain event in time brings grief.  They are focused on the future.  The future is just one type of time we are focused on.

In my finite mind, time lies in three distinct different planes:

Past, Present, and Future

Dealing with each of the three distinct planes of time can allow us to behave more strategically, analyze more accurately, and focus on what is most important in our lives.  Let me draw a visualization:

The Past

A lot of us dwell on the past.  Perhaps you could have done something better.  Perhaps you are pretty proud of the decisions you’ve made in the past.  In either case, there is nothing you can do about time that has passed.  Dwelling on the past can cripple people because of what they should have done.  We can in fact learn from the past, but once it passes, that is all it is good for – teaching us about our future. Read more


REFM -  Adrian Photo Square - CATOBGreed is not good. We have only to observe what happens when greed takes ahold of ourselves, to recognize that an unbalanced desire for wealth, and a willingness to do anything to get it, leads to an ignoble form of the human person.

Yet decades of economists have taught us that it’s pure self-interest that drives the marketplace. Theory after theory states that exchange is built on the principle of people looking out for number one. And the words of Gordon Gekko in the 1987 film Wall Street (and many films since) unabashedly proclaim that “greed is good,” and what fuels commerce. Even in recent years, the mantra of the “occupy” movement rails against corporations that care about nothing but the bottom line. At best, business is perhaps a necessary evil – it gets us the things we want. But we’re suspicious of its origins, and wary to look too deep, lest we see the avaricious monster lurking underneath. Read more


700_0661A friend emailed me the other day asking what I thought about his idea to create a new online ‘Accountant Marketplace.’ Sort of like 99Designs for accountants. In effect, it would be a place where those needing accountants could search for the best accountant, and pick the one they want. Maybe the price would come from a bid type system, or something similar.

This is definitely one type of business model. And it works too. Teaspiller was one such example. Teaspiller was purchased by Intuit, and now the url redirects to this site: Read more

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jen-pic-2Running a business is a scary thing.

This was the topic of a recent thread in Thriveal’s private online community. A member was seeking the wisdom and input from others on whether or not that still, small voice should, in fact, be told to shut up or serve as a warning that something needed attention. I love the transparency in our community.

It turns out that fear is pretty common. We fear forgetting something really important that will impact our customers. We fear losing a big customer. We fear hiring the wrong person. We fear change. We fear trying something new and it being a big flop. We fear technology making our jobs obsolete. We fear being sued. We fear running out of new ideas. We fear sharing our ideas because someone else might steal it. We fear not knowing the answer. Read more