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All pondering of important things begins with purpose. We are made to become something great. As the leader of your firm, only you can deliver the particular style of service in the particular way you deliver it for the care and comfort of the team and clients you will lead. Let that sink in. If this is true (and it is), that means two important things: (1) you can go all in to claim your greatness to the world and not hold back, and (2) no one can take the peculiarity of your firm away from you. Because of who you are, you can commit deeply to how you believe you should be serving people in your firm and not have to worry about other people taking your clients away from you. You are peculiar and you must embrace that to build a firm that changes other people’s lives. Read more

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In sales it’s said that people only buy from those they know, like and trust, which is kind of stupid because you have to know and like somebody to trust them. Nobody’s ever said, “I don’t know that guy, and I kinda hate him, but for some reason, I trust him.”


People are definitely not going to buy your coaching services if they don’t trust you. To be an effective coach, people have to trust you personally and professionally. Read more

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