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We were working with a client recently on their great desire to allow their team to grow in their roles. They told us the team had commented on their desire to see a future in this creative company, and to know what their path might be. And these two leaders, with a deep heart to serve, wanted to know how to give their team a clear path of their growth in the company.

For caring leaders, this produces a conundrum. They desperately want to give their team what they want (a clear path for growth) while balancing the realities of what a company can afford in its investment in higher salaries, or bigger roles that a company is not yet ready to support. We’ll develop some principles around this conundrum at the end of this article, but bear with me as I give you some context using a metaphor.

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My partner and I have been learning so much lately about the beauty of minds. Not all minds are made alike, for sure, and we’ve been learning how each person’s mind is made depends on how those people are led, served, and changed.

In consulting, we often help leadership teams and owners understand themselves better, and then to understand the team they serve with, as well as the clients they serve. Everyone looks at their world in different ways. Leadership teams are often surprised to find out that the people they serve with (teams) or the people they serve (clients) don’t understand themselves very well. Humans don’t know themselves very well. Why is it important to know this? Because it helps you know what you can and cannot ask of these people in order to serve them well.

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Peter Block is one of Jason Blumer’s heros. We had the honor of interviewing him for the August 2019 episode of the Thrivecast. And Peter Block turned Jason into a 14-year-old fangirl.

He wasn’t a fangirl like screaming and crying and fainting for the Beatles. That’s more like a 13-year-old fangirl. Jason was just very concerned that by the end of the interview Peter Block would like him. He simply wanted Peter Block to be his BFF in such a manner that their families would vacation together starting on Labor Day.

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