Deeper Weekend 2014

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Welcome to a new decade. That is so weird to write, but here we start a new decade. All of us.

At this time, it’s pretty normal to think of all the big things to change, and to do some reflection. Our minds and our actions go ‘big picture.’ That’s pretty healthy typically. But the change of a year, no less the change of a decade, can lead us to a darker path of staying too high up in the clouds without remaining down in the details where change truly happens.

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When it comes to adopting new innovation, I am not by nature an early adopter. But here’s my trick: I hang out exclusively with early adopters. That way I might feel like I’m taking a long time to get on board with new technology or new business practices, but in reality I’m still near the front end. I’m the very last early adopter, which by definition still makes me an early adopter.

With that in mind, and with the crushing realization that we’re starting a new decade, here are three challenging goals that you should consider pursuing in 2020 in order to keep up with the frontrunners in the profession. This is the stuff that all the cool kids are already doing.

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