Deeper Weekend 2014

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I got to meet a lot of leaders in at the AICPA Practioner’s Symposium and Tech+ Conference in Las Vegas this week. I’m starting to notice which leaders* inspire me to follow them. I consider myself more of an encourager or a supporter than a leader, so I am looking for people to inspire me. If you want me – or anyone, for that matter – to follow you, maybe one of these observations will be helpful to you.


1. Be positive. I am going to avoid you if I hear you speaking negatively about others on a consistent basis. I hate gossip! If you are saying negative words about others, I will lose trust in you. I will be trying to avoid being associated with you or having you speak negatively about me when I am not around. And don’t trap me by trying to get me to agree with you when you are saying negative things. It’s very awkward.

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