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When it comes to adopting new innovation, I am not by nature an early adopter. But here’s my trick: I hang out exclusively with early adopters. That way I might feel like I’m taking a long time to get on board with new technology or new business practices, but in reality I’m still near the front end. I’m the very last early adopter, which by definition still makes me an early adopter.

With that in mind, and with the crushing realization that we’re starting a new decade, here are three challenging goals that you should consider pursuing in 2020 in order to keep up with the frontrunners in the profession. This is the stuff that all the cool kids are already doing.

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We were working with a client recently on their great desire to allow their team to grow in their roles. They told us the team had commented on their desire to see a future in this creative company, and to know what their path might be. And these two leaders, with a deep heart to serve, wanted to know how to give their team a clear path of their growth in the company.

For caring leaders, this produces a conundrum. They desperately want to give their team what they want (a clear path for growth) while balancing the realities of what a company can afford in its investment in higher salaries, or bigger roles that a company is not yet ready to support. We’ll develop some principles around this conundrum at the end of this article, but bear with me as I give you some context using a metaphor.

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