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I remember when I realized our firm could operate virtually back in 2011. Our firm was started by my father in 1997, and I had been leading the firm since 2003. I was always interested in technology and innovative services, so shutting our office seemed like the next ‘cool’ thing to do. I decided to take the leap in 2012 and closed our brick and mortar location in Greenville, SC, fully becoming a virtual firm. We began operating with no offices, and with no physical access to clients and team members. Since first learning about our ability to operate virtually in 2011, we immediately began to seek out software that would allow us to operate virtually in the cloud.


The beginning of that virtual journey was rough as there were not that many cloud-based products to support a full firm that never saw their clients or their team. I didn’t realize I had to figure out how to allow our team to use tax products, and a phone system, virtually (two rough spots in our journey). What has been the result of our firm’s journey in the cloud? We are still a small virtual team serving a handful of larger clients around the US from an advisory perspective. Cloud technology has changed our firm for sure. But we see more of a need from our clients for care, advisement, counsel, and accountability to run their businesses than ever before.

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How can you tell the difference between a firm that is only claiming expertise as an advisor and one that is truly the earned expert? It’s hard for the client to discern this difference from outside the firm, but there are some distinctives that can help identify those that are true experts.


Two distinctives can point to this reality: (1) the number of clients in the firm, and (2) the size of the firm’s invoices. Read more

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