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Greg Kyte 2I don’t do CrossFit. I work out at home. In my garage. Alone. Partly because I’m an antisocial bastard. Partly because I’m cheap. Partly because it’s convenient. But mostly so I can watch TV with the sound on.

Last Tuesday while I was doing dumbbell lunges¹, I caught this segment of The Daily Show.


Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.51.34 AM


In it Trevor Noah talks about the Uberization of different service industries, also known as “the gig economy.” According to The Daily Show, the following actually exist: the Uber of healthcare, the Uber of tailors, the Uber of massages, and the Uber of live chicken rentals.

So I had to ask myself, is it possible to Uberfy the accounting profession? And what objectives would have to be met to achieve full Uberfication? Read more

CPA firm
REFM - Adrian Photo Square - CATOB“The pathway to your greatest potential is through your greatest fear.” -Craig Groeschel

This is where it gets real. The blog posts are one thing. The conferences. An inspiring TED talk or coffee exchange with a peer. But eventually it all comes down to you, and the action. And the fear that’s present in that moment.

I’m convinced that facing fear is perhaps the biggest skill we can develop as business owners. Heck, as human persons. To me, here’s an example of human business, and how developing this skill in business, can actually feed back into our life outside of business. And vice versa. I know it has for me.

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Other Thoughts, Personal Growth

Scott KregelThe past summer involved some re-reads of a couple of important books in my life. My last book review introduced Healing Leadership, a book which hands down has had the most significant influence on my life in the past 5 years. However, I will also say that Implementing Value Pricing is right up there as a book that has helped shape me as a professional and the development of our firm in a significant way.

Implementing Value Pricing, by Ron Baker, is essentially a treatise for operating a professional knowledge firm that is focused on value identification and value creation. It is developed from economic theory and human behavior. Now, you may have read this book already, but let’s break it down and remind ourselves of some of the innovative ideas we can implement. Read more

Jason BlumerI’ve had some successes and failures as a leader lately. I want to write down what I’m learning.
Here is what I’m learning as a leader:


1. I’m leaning into my human work. I ain’t no boss, and I sure ain’t no manager. Bosses like to tell other people what to do, and managers check up on people to make sure they did what they were supposed to do. I hate both of those. Leaders serve. And who are they serving? Humans. And humans are messy. I’m messy. It seems, “Messy + Messy = Miscommunication, Confusion, and Frustration.” But what if “Messy + Messy = Opportunities to Become Better Humans?” I’m learning that it does mean that, at least for me. So I’m leaning into people. I’m leaning into my partner, Julie Shipp. I’m leaning into my team. And I’m leaning into my wife. I’m leaning into my clients. Leaning into human work means you are going to step on toes, and awkwardly do and say things you didn’t mean. But I’m going to do it anyway because I believe leaning into humans will bring great transformation for me, my team, and my clients.

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bryanA couple years ago, I came across an article about the Japanese art of growing apples and it struck a chord with me. Shortly after reading it, I was driving down the highway and it hit me: there was a parallel between this process and what is necessary in running a business.

When you hear the term “pruning,” you might picture a sunny garden and a person gingerly tending to plants, but pruning is also something that every business must do – especially ones with repeat business. Read more

Cliff Jumpers, CPA firm

Greg Kyte 2People often see me driving my 2007 Honda Civic, rocking my Old Navy jeans, and talking on my Blackberry Pearl, and they ask me, “Hey, Greg, how did you get so fricking successful?” Great question.


I’m so freaking successful because I’m so freaking happy.


How happy am I? I’m so happy, I only text message using emoticons, toddlers playing with bubbles are clinically depressed compared to me, and I take Ecstasy when I need to get serious.


Please note that I’m not happy because I’m successful. I’m successful because I’m happy. Read more

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