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Jason Blumer

“The Accountancy Revolution”, Third in a 6 Part Series

The second part of our Accountancy Revolution definition found on the first post was summarized this way: “…allowing the former manual manipulation of raw...

Jason Blumer

“The Accountancy Revolution”, Second in a 6 Part Series

The Accountancy Revolution has begun and it's exciting! The first part of this exciting change I noted in the first post on this topic...

Jason Blumer

“The Accountancy Revolution”, First in a 6 Part Series

Image via Wikipedia My family and I have enjoyed our time in the nation's capital mooching from all of the free museum visits we...

Jason Blumer

Technology and Your Business Ecosystem

Technology choices are such an integral part of your business ecosystem.  It's like the foundation that wraps around the process by which you get...

Jason Blumer

We Are Family…

Social Media has opened up the door for so many of us to connect with each other across the country and across the globe. ...

Jason Blumer

More Xero Introductions and Some Bungee Jumping

A few more introductions of the Xero team: I'm about to jump: The Jump!!:

Jason Blumer

VeraSage Institute Summary

I recently got back from the VeraSage Institute meeting in Napa Valley, California.  "The VeraSage Headache" (as Ron Baker puts it) is still lingering. ...

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