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I work on Saturdays at our cowork space alone. It’s a quiet time for me, and a special time for me to be creative. I truly love it. I get to explore my mind as I create all of the content our two companies need from me. This way I work isn’t an accident. My partner and I designed my calendar with this in mind.

I work from 8:30 to 6 pm each day, Monday through Saturday. And sometimes I work a little bit on Sunday as we are pivoting our work due to the pandemic. My work week totals 60 to 65 hours a week. My partner works about that much, too. It’s what running 2 companies simultaneously takes. You may read those hours and then apply what you think about my work week through a lens of what you believe, what you think you need, how you grew up, what your boss requires, and a million other reasons why you may think I should or should not work that much. You may even believe those hours are too little, not too much. I’m not sure. Read more

I just spent a couple of hours on a Saturday detailing out a potential new high-value process in our firm that we’ll be launching soon to new clients. This process is going to bring a lot of clarity to all of the moving parts that our team is involved in during our client’s onboarding.

I want to detail a few points about the value of building processes before I talk about the main point of this article.

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