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In this newest video blog, I talk about who gets to determine price and the difference between selling commodities and innovations.


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Innovation, Pricing

While it may seem like stress is coming at you from all directions, there are only two real sources:

  1. Stress we absorb from circumstances, and
  2. Stress we create for ourselves.


It’s important to recognize the two sources, because it gives us a little more control so we can choose a healthier response. Read more

Personal Growth

I love the movie Terminator. I first watched it when I was in middle school, and even back then the thing that struck me was the Terminator’s focus. He had exactly one goal: kill Sarah Connor. Nothing else mattered. Kill everyone in a police station? No problem if it means he’s more likely to kill Sarah Connor. Destroy an entire clothing store? Didn’t care as long as he’s one step closer to killing Sarah Connor.


Any collateral damage he created in pursuit of his goal did not matter, because that’s exactly what it means to have one and only one goal. Read more

Personal Growth, Strategy