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“Are You Self Critical? Hint: Yes, You Are. Stop It!”  Melinda Guillemette

Entrepreneurial CPAs are both dreamers and doers. You’re uncomfortable with the status quo, even if it’s a status quo you’ve created. You push the envelope and you push yourselves. Read more

Personal Growth

Last week a stranger referred to me as “real-life Thanos.” Probably because I shave my head and have a beard and yell a lot when I do standup. Regardless it totally made my day.


The world runs on stories, and Thanos is literally the poster child of the story that’s currently captured the world’s imagination. Hipsters complain that superheroes have become too dominant a force in pop culture and cinema, but the truth is, superheros have dominated human stories for as long as humans have had stories. Read more

Personal Growth

“That individual is a principled leader.”

This is the kind of comment about someone who is conducting themselves based on intention and integrity. It sounds like something worthy to be known by – something that I know I would be honored for people to say about me. The book Principles by Ray Dalio is a collection of the guiding principles that have influenced his life in relationships, in business, and in his leadership of Bridgewater Associates. As I read this book, I was challenged in my thinking about how I was leading with intention and integrity. Amid firm building, it can feel like an amusement park ride that doesn’t end. It’s a thrill, but the intensity and never ending surprises and obstacles keep coming. We have a choice to choose our path or let a path pull us along – now, neither is good or bad, but with principles in our lives I believe our path moves with purpose. Read more

Book Review, Personal Growth


When I ask CPAs about their biggest operational challenge, their answers are remarkably similar. Nearly all have to do with how to deliver less-than-stellar news involving employee performance.

One of my friends who leads a small CPA firm expressed regret about hiring a bright young man who just couldn’t seem to get the work done on time. When I asked the managing partner how he handled the issue, he said, “Well, I gave him a very harsh review at the end of the year.” “How’d he take it?”, I asked. “Not well. He seemed upset and confused, and yet still nothing has changed.”

What’s wrong with this picture? Read more

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