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bryan“The day you sign a client is the day you start losing them.” – Roger Sterling, Mad Men

Losing a client isn’t something we like to think about, but in the end it’s unavoidable. It can be stressful or painful; it can even be a relief. Regardless, you need to be prepared for this. The reasons behind a client’s decision to leave are myriad. Life happens. Clients can move or retire, but more often than not clients leave because they weren’t getting the level of service they desired. Read more

Cliff Jumpers

Jennifer BlumerI asked our members to share some thoughts on Deeper Weekend and got some hilarious and amazing quotes. Enjoy!


  • “It’s the most fun you can legally have in Greenville in November.”
  • “Deeper Weekend, come spend time with the coolest Accounting Tribe.”
  • “A conference for weirdos, by weirdos.”
  • “DW…where it’s actually hard to be the coolest CPA in the room.”
  • “A time of learning for the brave”
  • “Come for the swag, stay for the free coffee.”
  • “Leave your khakis at home.”
  • “It’s the most fun an accountant can have without his calculator.”
  • “Bring your phone to keep tabs on what’s happening AT the conference, not outside it.”
  • “Where sarcasm becomes a core competency”
  • “Coming from someone who prefers live CPE, after attending the last two years I must say DW is the best conference I’ve ever participated in.”
  • “Deeper Weekend made me richer, smarter, funnier, cooler and taller. Best money I ever spent.”

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REFM -  Adrian Photo Square - CATOBSystems are so important as enabling mechanisms. Sometimes I like to call them “structures of freedom.” I’m reminded of a quote from Tim Williams at Thriveal’s Deeper Weekend last fall, “Process is the architecture for getting things done.” Even creative processes, like transforming your firm, require some level of scaffolding to help you see it through from concept to realization.


Systems can compete with each other too. The system you know and use now will almost always beat out the one that’s fledgling or undefined. This is why it’s almost always easier to spend hours replying to e-mails than to change your firm. There’s a system for e-mail, but not for transformation.


So our goal is to develop a creative system for our firm, shield it during its fledgling stage, and then let it grow to become part of our way of doing things, that stands its ground and evidences its value as part of our firm’s operations.

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bryanOne of the hardest things to do when you first jump the cliff is pricing your work. It’s especially hard in a service business. When you sell a product, you have at least one benchmark in terms of pricing and that is your cost to buy or build the thing that you’re selling.

In a service business, especially when it’s just you, there may be little to no direct costs for each new client. You’re basically alone in the wilderness and if you didn’t do a lot of pricing in your previous career, this can be an uncomfortable process that leaves you feeling lost. Read more

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