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bryanWe can often picture where we’d like to go with our businesses, whether that’s a revenue goal, a certain lifestyle, or a level of power and prestige. The problem is: we don’t always know exactly how to get there. So, sometimes you just have to keep sailing.

If you’re not familiar with how a sailboat works, it’s pretty straightforward. Rather than using a motor, the boat is propelled by the wind pushing on your sail. Makes sense, right? But you can see where you might run into problems if you’re trying to get to a specific destination. Read more

REFM -  Adrian Photo Square - CATOBI’ve suggested before that accounting is not the language of business, but that I do think CPAs bring unique abilities to the conversation of business. In a world of information, perspective is king, and if we can see our finances in their broader context, I think we go a long way to growing stronger.


To that end, I’d like to propose that your (and any other business’) two most important numbers don’t appear on your income statement: (1) customer profit, and (2) opportunity loss. This graphic helps illustrate:


Some of you may recognize part of this graphic from value pricing theory — it posits that we create value for our customers, and we capture only a portion of that value through our price. That’s how it’s supposed to be: a customer wouldn’t enter into a transaction if they receive less value than they actually pay for, so we must create for them a “customer profit.”

bryan“The day you sign a client is the day you start losing them.” – Roger Sterling, Mad Men

Losing a client isn’t something we like to think about, but in the end it’s unavoidable. It can be stressful or painful; it can even be a relief. Regardless, you need to be prepared for this. The reasons behind a client’s decision to leave are myriad. Life happens. Clients can move or retire, but more often than not clients leave because they weren’t getting the level of service they desired. Read more

Cliff Jumpers

Jennifer BlumerI asked our members to share some thoughts on Deeper Weekend and got some hilarious and amazing quotes. Enjoy!


  • “It’s the most fun you can legally have in Greenville in November.”
  • “Deeper Weekend, come spend time with the coolest Accounting Tribe.”
  • “A conference for weirdos, by weirdos.”
  • “DW…where it’s actually hard to be the coolest CPA in the room.”
  • “A time of learning for the brave”
  • “Come for the swag, stay for the free coffee.”
  • “Leave your khakis at home.”
  • “It’s the most fun an accountant can have without his calculator.”
  • “Bring your phone to keep tabs on what’s happening AT the conference, not outside it.”
  • “Where sarcasm becomes a core competency”
  • “Coming from someone who prefers live CPE, after attending the last two years I must say DW is the best conference I’ve ever participated in.”
  • “Deeper Weekend made me richer, smarter, funnier, cooler and taller. Best money I ever spent.”

Read more