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REFM - Adrian Photo Square - CATOBToday the Thriveal Laboratory launches its second experiment: Value Accounting Model.

The experiment’s hypothesis is that “there is a more intuitive way to present financial results that requires less accounting knowledge by business owners, and more transparently reflects the financial performance of the entity.”

We’re convinced this area is ripe for innovation, and if you’re a CPA who works with owners of small-to-medium sized businesses and you’d like to be a part of this Experimental Team, be sure to fill out the Experiment 2 Interest Form. The team will be formed in the coming months, we’ll begin the experiment in May, and complete the protocol this summer. Members of the Experimental Team will receive perpetual licenses to the intellectual property created during the experiment, become familiar with The Experimental Framework used by the Lab to apply in their own firms, and be featured in the Lab Report released at the end of the experiment, among other items.

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Jason BlumerI was excited to share Thriveal’s vision for 2016 in our annual Family Meeting a couple of weeks ago.
You can watch the recording of our Family Meeting below if you missed it:
Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.26.38 PM


We have a leadership team in Thriveal now. This means we are able to make our visions much larger, because smarter people are attempting to pull them off. Have you ever wondered what we do at Thriveal? Here it is…

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Greg Kyte 2Last month I got anchor priced, and I got anchor priced HARD.


I was in Greenville for Deeper Weekend 2015, and I was looking for a gift for my wife and my realtor (same person). I wanted to get her something cool, so I popped into the Mary Praytor Gallery, a cool little boutique art gallery on main street.


One interesting aspect of the pricing at the Mary Praytor Gallery was that absolutely no one was there. No customers, no employees, nobody. I even went into the back and hollered¹, “Any y’all here?” But none of them all were there, effectively making their prices for everything $0.00. Read more


bryanAs Thanksgiving approaches, I find myself thinking about family. We all have a family that we’re born into. When we begin our careers, we are hired into another. That’s right. The company you work for is a family too. It’s important to remember that if you plan on hiring your own employees.

The members of this second family spend a significant portion of their life working. If we take the traditional 9 to 5 job (or 40 hour work week) and divide that into the total number of hours in a week (168), we find that employees spend almost 25% of their time with their work family. Depending on sleep patterns, this rivals slumber for the amount of waking time diverted from the traditional family. Read more

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Greg Kyte 2My hair sucks. It sucks bad.


Since my hairline isn’t receding and I don’t have a bald spot, I don’t have male pattern baldness. Instead I’ve got female pattern baldness (FPB), which means really thin hair on top. The sides are bushy as hell, but the top is thinner than an Olsen twin.


I first noticed my FPB in a photo back when I kept my hair buzzed. I loved the buzz cut. No bed head. No hat head. Whenever I did get bed and/or hat head, that was the universe telling me to cut my damn hippy hair. Read more

Customer Experience, Pricing
REFM - Adrian Photo Square - CATOBI wonder if you’ll allow me a few moments for some experimental thinking — to explore with you an idea: what is the price of profit? (it may not be in the way you’re thinking.)


In a previous post, I ruminated on a different way to view what CPA firms do: we sell access to emotional, intellectual, and creative capacity. What this means to me is that we have care, smarts, and the ability to imagine, and that’s truly what our customers want from us. This is how we help them. These are not unlimited resources, however. We have only so much emotional capacity. You know what I mean if you’ve ever had that morning customer situation that completely zaps your energy for the rest of the day. We have only so much intellectual capacity. Has anyone out there been able to keep up with changes in all the dimensions of accounting, much less the other things we have to know to run a business? And we have only so much creativity capacity. The juice it takes to rollout new products, or help customers imagine solutions to their situations, can only run so long before it needs to be replenished.

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