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Scott KregelOne of the greatest characteristics to exhibit is one of teachability. We admire those who operate with a pursuit of lifelong learning. In fact, how noble it is to call ourselves a lifelong learner. Or how impressive is it to call ourselves a coach who brings transformation to others. If you peel back what is at the core of learning and growth, the ability to give and receive feedback is right there staring at us. Read more

Book Review

bryanOne of the great things about owning your own business is getting to make every decision exactly how you want.  You are in charge of every aspect – how you work, when you work, what you work on.  You can even stock your favorite pens.  As some of my fellow Thrivealists like to say, “You are ridiculously in charge.”

At first glance, this sounds like every disenfranchised employee’s dream, but making decisions is the easy part.  Having to live with consequences of these decisions is completely different.  That’s when things get real.

Whether it’s the impact of hiring your first employee or choosing to work in a narrowly defined niche, you are no longer running the same business you were before that decision. You may even be losing sleep over these effects.  Once you hire someone, you’re in charge of making sure they get paid every single time. Once you narrow your focus, you’re going to see a lot less business come in. Read more

Cliff Jumpers, CPA firm

Greg Kyte 2Dress codes are simultaneously infuriating and amusing, like presidential candidates.


They were the topic for Jason, Caleb, and me on our last #WhatsNext in the Accounting Profession Blab. I thought it would be a fun, light topic, easy to make fun of, but not too deep. Turns out, dress codes are a quick path to the seventh circle of HR.


This week, I asked some friends who work at two different mid-size CPA firms to send me their company’s dress codes. And it turns out they are awesome.


For one company, under “Examples of Not Acceptable Attire” they listed “stirrup pants,” “bolo ties,” and “bathing suits.” Bathing Suits?! How the hell do bathing suits get explicitly banned on the dress code?


Audit Manager: “Hey, Rebecca, are you ready to head to the client’s office for … what the f**k?! Are you wearing a swimsuit?” Read more

Jason BlumerThe state of the public accounting profession in the US is to focus on compliance. And we’re good at it too. But when compared to the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, we are imbalanced in our focus on compliance services. For the US, a higher percentage of our revenue comes from compliance services than it does in other countries. I believe public accounting firms are nervous about making professional judgments to clients for fear of their “answers being wrong.” But our professional judgments could be just what our clients want from us, and are willing to pay for the benefits.


What are professional judgments?
To me, a professional judgment is a statement, document, spreadsheet, or presentation that tells a client how things are going in his or her business. It is really our educated opinion. And once you figure out clients want these professional judgments from us, you can become an expert at selling them.

Read more

CPA firm

Greg Kyte 2It’s time to get over The Cloud.


Don’t get me wrong. The Cloud is great, but so are urinals, and at this point I’d rather read “Five Ways Urinals Will Transform the Accounting Profession”¹ than read one more GD blog post about how CPAs need to embrace The Cloud.


The realization that The Cloud has become passe hit me late last month. Jason Blumer, Caleb Newquist and I were getting ready to launch our new monthly videocast on Blab called #WhatsNext in Accounting. Jason suggested the topic for the first episode: “Can The Cloud Save the Accounting Profession?” And I said, “Great topic!” because I’m a team player, but inside I said, “Holy F. I’m probably going to spend the entire episode taking a dump on anybody who thinks this is still an interesting thing to talk about.” Read more