The Strategy of Your Tech Stack

Transcript: Hey, hey, want to give you some strategy ideas on your tech stack, your firm’s tech stack. Your tech stack is really, it’s the chosen pieces of software you use to deliver your main services to your chosen market. That’s what your tech stack is. It’s not the product you like or the cool new products that you want to switch into. That’s not what your tech stack is. Your tech stack is really going to encompass at least these three things. It’s going to be, do your clients need it? Is it a need? Is it going to provide something to them? Can your team use it? What kind of training are you going to provide to help them use it? And then will it be perceived as valuable? And when I use the word valuable, I mean can it retrieve a price? Is it going to be understood by a market in a way that it receives more money from your clients into your firm to boost and grow your firm?

Technology remember, is a tool, it’s a great tool. They’re actually, cloud technology are the really the only tools you want to be using now as an innovative firm. But you’ve got to remember there’s purposes and strategies behind a tech stack. It’s not just some new thing you saw that you like as a firm owner, it’s got to be able to provide a need for a client. A team’s got to be able to use it and it has to be able to be valuable enough to produce and retrieve a price from a market. There’s some strategy on a tech stack and make sure you’re following some of those ideas. And there’s other ideas too you want to follow, but don’t be enamored by the things you like. That’s not necessarily the things you roll into a tech stack.

And just remember when you create a tech stack, that’s a commitment you’re making. It’s like these are the products we’re going to use and we’re not going to venture outside these products. When you define anything you want to use and affirm as you’re growing, that definition locks you into a focus. And that focus is what helps you win and do great things. That’s why you should define a tech stack in the first place.

Just one other thing about a tech stack. Do you want to put it on your website? A lot of firms do. As long as that brings in and it displays some kind of value to your market, that’s fine. But just remember almost putting technology on your website is like putting a copier and paper clips on your website. Look at the tools we use. We use a copier and we use paper and we use paper clips. Those are the things that old firms could have put on their website, because those are their internal tools. A tech stack is the internal ways you as a fir

m have decided strategically to change and transform your clients. They may or may not be able to choose those.
Now with our market and cloud being ubiquitous, a lot of clients can come to you having already chosen their own tools and that’s fine. That might be a reason to identify with clients in some market by putting your tech stack on your website. But just remember putting them on your website doesn’t necessarily define you as innovative. They’re just, you’re just putting your tools on your website and that’s fine. Just kind of know what you’re doing and what a tech stack is.

I hope those strategic ideas help you with knowing how to use your tech stack, how to define it, how to commit to it. Let us know [email protected] if you need help with any of this strategy in running your firm. Thanks so much. Take care.

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