The Strategy of the Future

Transcript: You know what, when you’re managing your entrepreneurial endeavors, you manage those in the future, not now. I think When a lot of people talk about time management, capacity management, I think they’re trying to manage their present. And the present is happening, it’s moving along with you, you’re rolling through the present. If you want to do any management, if you want to be strategic; what you want to do is look into the future, and manage your future. So that, when you’re walking towards your future, you’re actually going to walk into a planned, very strategic place.

As humans, we’re very chaotic, we’re very curious, we’re very creative; so, we always want to do a whole bunch of stuff. So, if we’re living in the now, you’ve heard people say that, stop living in the now, when you’re living in the now, you’re typically not being strategic. So, to live in the future is looking into the future, and planning it before it comes. So, you’re always going to be more strategic when you look into the future and plan it; and then, walk into a plan that you’ve already managed or controlled, you’re going to be a lot more successful.

And when you’re doing that, what you’re doing is becoming responsible. You’re becoming more responsible for the future that you’ve been entrusted to as a steward. And, responsible people are successful people. So, I just wanted to give a heads up on the future, and now. And now, it’s not the place to be strategic. Now is the thing you’re living through. Hopefully you’re now, is living through a planned future, that you had previously created. So, let me say that again. You want to look ahead, plan your future, and then walk into that plan; so that every now you’re living in, is some plan, you actually strategically put in place.
It’s going to make you more successful. Because, when you’re looking ahead and you’re planning things, you’re going to be creating all kinds of creative places, you’re going to make things that are better than you can just make on the fly, in the now. So, the strategy of the future is where you do great things; and then you just live through them, and just kill it, and become more responsible. So, I hope that’s clear on the now and the future, and where you can be successful, and more strategic. Thanks so much. We’ll see you.

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