The Front Door to Your Firm is the Strategic Door!

Transcript: Jason Blumer, CEO of Thriveal, and I want to ask you a quiz, which door in your firm is the strategic door, the front door or the back door? The answer is, it’s the front door, the front door to your firm, which is where clients come in, which is where new team members are hired through, that’s the door where you win controlling your firm.

When we work with a lot of firms that they’re overwhelmed and they’re struggling and they just can’t, there’s confusion and they can’t grow and the team isn’t working, they’re not collaborating, a lot of times what we’ve found is they’ve let the wrong people in the firm. What you do to be strategic about your front door is you close the front door, you close it, and when people want to come in, they knock on the door, that’s a new client, and you peek out the door and you go, “I’m not sure that you’re right for us.” That’s what you do, you have a barrier, you have a closed door because that’s the place where you do all the vetting. You do the work of making sure you’re aligned with a client, similar to a team member.

When you hire somebody, you need probably five or six steps that are just going to slow you down in hiring people. You do not want to get the wrong person in your firm because all the training and the investment and the time you give to them, when they leave, poof, it’s all gone and you just start over. That inhibits your growth in ways you could never even imagine. The front door is where you win, the strategic door.

The back door is one you just use when you have to. You don’t want to use it, right, you don’t want to fire a client usher out the back door. You don’t want to lose a team member and usher them out the back door or have a team member walk out the back door and leave. You don’t want these things, so you want to place all of your strategic behavior in the front part of the processes of your firm, that’s the front door.

How people come in, how clients come into your firm, is it determiner to the trust they have in you when you serve them once they get in your firms? It’s key that you bring them in the right way. Same for team, which team will be aligned with you and let you lead them, the ones where you walked through a hiring process where they gain more and more trust with you.

Remember the front door is the strategic door to your firm. Mind that door, spend time on it, close it, don’t leave it hanging open. You’ll start to see a change in your firm over the next year or so because you’ve been careful about who you let in. I hope that helps. If there’s anything you need, hit us up on Thriveal or [email protected]. We’ll see you.

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