The Execution of the Details are Where You Win

And I think a lot of people do that. When they have a turn of a year, that’s when the new year’s resolutions start and things like that. Well, I wrote a post about seeing everybody’s Instagram stories, or their new blogs about all the things you’re going to accomplish the Facebook posts about here’s what I’m going to do this year. And you know, you can see those, you can watch those and you can get a little depressed sometimes watching them going, “Why am I not able to do that?” Well, the reason why a lot of new year’s resolutions don’t work. Here’s the reason, is because those are big picture, high level plans and the turn of a year is when people go high level in their mind.

They go way up in the sky and go, what are the things in my life? What am I doing? What is the meaning? What big things do I accomplish? But where you win is the day to day. It’s those people who have grit, commitment, they get up each day to go to work. They’re doing all the small details that actually roll into accomplishing these big plans.

So, an Instagram post about the future is not going to do anything. It’s a great marker and a commitment to a world, but I would think the reason, the main reason you’d want to make that post to the world is to have them keep you accountable because accountability is in the details. It’s daily. Somebody going, “Did you get up at six in the morning and go work out like you said you were? And I know it’s not working yet, and here it is, three months into the new year and that workout where you get up at six in the morning and still not doing all the things you want it to, but remember you set a big picture goal.

And so the details, those daily commitments, it gets hard, man. It gets hard in those details every single day to try to achieve this big picture. So there’s a balance to two things. That’s what we’re doing. It’s the balance of the big picture strategy with a balance of the daily details it takes to show up, be present, care, love, fight, battle the emotion, fight the lies, fight the battle of the Facebook posts and the Instagram posts where you see everybody assumingly achieving things that you’re not, fight that stuff, turn away from it because the details are where you’re going to win and find somebody close who can help you win in the daily details of fulfilling these bigger dreams and goals.

The bigger dreams and goals, the new year’s resolutions, the big posts that we’re seeing, those are not bad, it’s the details is where you win those. And so there’s a balance to the big stuff and it’s the small stuff and the small stuff is where the success happens. So just wanted to let you know that and hope that’s a little encouraging as you’re making your new year’s residence resolutions or you’re thinking about the future.
Just remember, you need somebody to walk with you through those details to help you win. So I hope that helps. And if you need help doing that in your firm, you can email us at [email protected] and we coach people through that stuff. We take them through boot camp events, we take them through year-long events, keeping them accountable through this growth because it’s hard and we need each other. So, reach out and let us know if we can help you. Thank so much. See ya.

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