Perception is NOT Reality

Transcript: Your perception of reality is different than actual reality. And that’s what we do as humans. And you can think about something you went through in the past, a great experience or hard experience. And as you describe it now, and it happened in the past, some of the facts are going to change a little bit. When we get into a world like that, where we can’t see through and understand our reality and the perceptions, that’s when we have counselors and therapists and coaches. They help us cut through and look at reality because reality is when you’re going to make changes in your life when you actually know the truth. But as humans, our perception is always different. And we can often see this in how we do time sheets. That’s one example, it’s one really minute specific example.

If you do a time sheet for a week, you can look back on your week and you don’t remember. So you put down some reality into a time sheet software, and it’s probably not an accurate reflection of the reality. So your perception of it in that moment is not really real. So think about the future. So when you get to look into the future, knowing that the perception of reality is not always the reality, you get to be creative and first of all, try to scope out what you want that future to be. And you get to create the reality in advance, so to speak so that you don’t have to worry about your perceptions being wrong. You can roll into a reality you’ve already created. That’s really what owning your future is all about. But if you look backwards, you’re always seeing that they’re never matching up.

And that’s true. So when you pass through time, the past is always going to be different than you thought it was. But it’s really important to get to the reality of what your life is about. So the future, owning that future and designing and creating that future first, that reality that you can walk into is really going to give you a better perception of reality. And these are things that are just really important for entrepreneurs to understand that the perceptions of what you think happened in the past or how you think your week went, or how you think you worked this week. Did you work efficiently? Well, you probably didn’t work as efficiently as you thought you did, just because your perception of what happened in the past is really not a reflection of reality and it needs to be.

So one thing we do with our team and with people we consult with other firms is to help them kind of bring those realities and perceptions closer together, because the reality is where the transformation is going to take place. And if you need help or you’re wondering, or you’re confused, you’re living in chaos, you don’t understand what’s going on or how to make your way forward. It’s because you’re bumping in probably to some perceptions of reality not being accurate. So just want to say, if you need help with that, let us know. We’re here to coach you through that at [email protected]. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you

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