Make Invisible Things Visible

Transcript: I’ve been thinking about a service-based company and making invisible things visible. And that’s one strategy to run a creative services-based company is to make all the parts of the company that are invisible which has all of it, right? Because we sell the knowledge out of our head, we have people and so there’s not a lot of things that we can touch and hold. And so making things visible is a way to see some kind of clarity. So helping a team have a job description, that’s clarity. Giving them an accountability chart on a wall, that’s clarity because it has visibility to it. Well, how do you do leadership? Leadership, we’ve been thinking a lot about leadership. And one thing we found as my partner and I were talking about it, we found that we have a lot of principally based documents in our firm which is basically just documents for various areas where we serve clients in certain ways.

We’ve written documents of principles, beliefs we have, kind of like manifestos and we use these with our team. They’ll use them when they do a financial presentation to a creative agency or something like that. What it does is it brings visibility and something to stand on, something to understand. You can point to it and it helps you really know how to run your company with a lot of clarity. And you probably have some of these things. Core values or a purpose statement, these are principally-based documents probably you have written somewhere or posted somewhere. These principles are visible, you can touch them, you can look at them, you can use them as you hire people or fire people. And they really help you understand how you’re serving. So that’s just an idea. Bring some visibility to anything that’s invisible in a service-based company and I think it’ll do a lot to help aid the clarity of your leadership and what you’re trying to accomplish with your company. I hope that helps. We’ll see you.

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