How Do Consultants Learn Things?

Transcript: When my partner and I teach some entrepreneurial boot camps, a lot of times people will ask, “Where did you guys get this stuff? How do you know to teach us this stuff?” And there’s a lot of ways you can learn as a consultant. Of course, one of those is through books, so that’s one way. We’ve learned all the things that we know in the things that we teach. And so these are just a few of our books, it’s definitely not all of them in our library, but these are the ones we really enjoy. So books is one way we learned the things that we do.

A second way is that we put ourselves in a lot of coaching and consulting situations. That means we sell coaching and consulting. And so, we’re always in situations where business owners are asking us questions and seeking counsel and advice from us to help them solve the problems of growing their own company, which is stuff we’re trying to figure out too. And so, we’re always having to form our thoughts to teach others and that helps us learn as well. Writing is doing that same thing. When you write a lot, you’re forming your ideas and learning a lot about why you do things and how you do things. So that’s the second one is really packaging our own learning and giving it to other people.

The third one is that we’re doing it. We’re actually doing the things that we consult with people on. So when we’re teaching an entrepreneurial boot camp, or coaching, or consulting, it comes out of a lot of our own experience, basically, from building companies, growing companies, going through the ups and downs of this building. That stuff is hard to do and you really learn it when you experience it and you do it over time. So doing it over time is a key way to learn, and notice, and see patterns, and that helps to instruct you to not do things that you’ve learned don’t work or the patterns instruct you to keep doing things that are working.

And then, of course, we’re packaging that, and writing about it, and then giving that advice to other people. So those are really three key ways we learn, and it’s to read a bunch of books. So that’s one way we do it. A lot of good consulting books and business books to put ourselves in situations to give advice and counsel through coaching and consulting to other people. And then we’re just doing it on our own for a whole long period of time, and that teaches us the patterns to get better or to stop doing the things we know that don’t work. So I hope that helps. And you can double down in the next 20 years, and do those things, and you will grow and your knowledge will increase. It can’t help but to increase, so hope that helps, take care.

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