Do Clients Feel the Weight of Your Value?

Transcript: I don’t know if you saw the webinar I did with James Ashford of GoProposal. It was about leading and pricing as experts, and there was a big quote in there. It’s something we wanted to teach called the weight of your value, and it’s something we want your clients to feel, and I want you to see this quote.

Let’s see, I’ll, I’m going to read it to you. It says, “We want you to consider a new concept called the weight of your value. This is a psychological feeling we want clients to feel, so that they are poised and ready to receive expert advice from their accounting firm leaders. Proper pricing and a more solid focus on the client can lead a client to this feeling of the weight of your value. We want our clients to feel it.”

I don’t normally read big quotes on my videos, but this one was so big. It’s basically when you walk in a room with a client, you want to put some weight on their shoulders. You want them to feel the weight of the room that they’re in.

As we say, you should be valuable in any room you’re in, and if you’re not, you should be leaving that room. That often means that if you’re in a room with a client, there’s a price attached to your presence there, and that’s the weight of your value. It’s an expectation you can have about yourself walking into that room.

Now, one key to make that happen is actually to believe that yourself, is to believe that there is a weight to your value, and it does become placed onto a client’s shoulders when you walk in a room. That’s a pretty heavy concept, and I think we all struggle with even believing in our own value. But, when we do, your clients will start to believe in it too, and then your price will just follow from there.

I hope that concept of the weight of your value helps you understand what you want your clients feeling as you walk in the room. And, that weight, that heaviness, that thing that they feel, that’s the care and the commitment that you’re going to bring to that table. It’s that deliverable. It’s that clarity that you’re going to bring to their life. You want them to feel that heavy weight, and then you can start the process of really helping them.

I hope that concept, the weight of your value, helps. Thanks so much. We’ll see you.

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