Celebrating in a Community

Transcript: We have this great member in our Thriveal community and he’s had such an amazing journey through his career. And he was celebrating in the community about making partnership with a strategic strong firm that he’s been at for a while. And we all celebrated together in our community, which is really cool, with him since we know him, and that it just made an important impact and point to me that what we need more than anything right now is community to celebrate with us and to go through our hardships together.

And so Thriveal is here as a community to let people know that we are here to help them go through their ups and downs. And we’re all going through ups and downs right now. So if you’re not part of a community, we want to welcome you to the Thriveal entrepreneurial community and let you know that we want to celebrate with you the wins that you’re having and the struggles that you’re going through. And we want to help ease those edges of those struggles, so we want to welcome you to a community. And we all need a community right now to be going through that. So just wanted to let you know, the Thriveal community is here for you to celebrate with you those ups and downs. We all need to be together, so you’re welcome here.

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