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Greg Kyte 2An advertising agency in Minneapolis is bribing its employees with beer to get them to turn in their timesheets. This officially puts time tracking on the same level as having unprotected sex — many people only do it when beer is involved.


The firm enacted the program by developing The Tapserver, a beer-for-timesheets robot. The Tapserver asks employees to scan their keycard, verifies that the worker’s time sheet has been completed, and rewards the employee with his or her choice of beer from the machine’s “multi-keg beer deployment system.” The Tapserver’s software was written to tie seamlessly with the company’s timekeeping application. Read more


Jennifer BlumerI love planning Deeper Weekend. It is so fun to plan all the little surprises and details for our members and guests that make the trip to Greenville. And it’s my opportunity to interact with several vendors as the customer in a short period of time. That means I get to compare one customer experience to another. Some companies are a pleasure to work with. Others, not so much. And the good ones make the rest look pretty bad.

The truth is we like to feel good, and we like to work with people that make us feel good. We are emotional people, and no matter how reasonable we are, if we are frustrated by a vendor, we’ll stop working with them. No matter how nice the product or service is.

Let’s take the bartending business I hired for the welcome reception. (Might as well give them a plug – use Liquid Catering if you’re ever planning an event in Greenville!) I get the overall impression that they have their act together. When I contacted them initially, they immediately took control and told me how they operate. I knew the pricing for their packages, what was included, and when payments were due. They told me how I would go about choosing the drinks we would serve at our event. I know what time they will come set up at the venue. And I have worked with ONE person consistantly throughout the process. Read more

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Jason BlumerI’m reading Peter Thiel‘s new book, Zero to One. Wow. He is truly a contrarian as most of his ideas fly in the face of doing business in any type of traditional way. Some would even say his ideas are scary. One overarching idea I’m noticing in the book is about his focus on building the future. He is dead set on investing in things now that have far reaching future-focused results. I’m glad he has made this his focus. This sums up the struggle in our profession – we do things for immediate results instead of investing in the future. Truly, creating a future-focused firm is hard for a number of reasons:


-You have to commit to a future that you think you can create. The future is not here yet. Peter Thiel believes the future will be here when we create it. Many people avoid thinking about the future, as it brings uncertainty and fear. What if we don’t like the future that we create?

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Jennifer BlumerI know I say this every year, but I am really excited about Deeper Weekend this year. It’s my favorite three days of the year in Thriveal-land. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones is a joy to me. Really! I love it. It’s humbling that people come back each year, and we don’t take their commitment lightly. Everyone is busy and everyone has lots of options for where to spend their money. Traveling to Greenville to learn with this amazing group is a commitment, but we hope it’s one that pays off in big ways.

My job in Thriveal is to take care of our members. So I am glad that Deeper Weekend planning is a part of what I get to do. I get to make sure that Deeper Weekend is planned with Thriveal members in mind. We love our sponsors. We love our media friends. We love visitors. But Deeper Weekend is designed for the members. Still, don’t let that stop you from coming! Just know that you are risking a really strong desire to join Thriveal once you hang out with us for three days.


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Deeper Weekend

Greg Kyte 2Read the title again. Sweet, right? I totally came up with that myself. And it’s totally true. Without risk, there is no passion. Prove me wrong, sucker.
I googled “without risk there is no passion” to see if anybody else ever thought that same thought that I thought. Here’s what I found:
Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.28.43 AM

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REFM -  Adrian Photo Square - CATOBGreat things can be accomplished by teams. And the best teams are made up of players who have unique roles that mesh and multiply their teammates.


What is the unique role of the CPA? The thing we bring to the table of business?


I propose that CPAs should own the “profit equation” – that it be our domain.




Revenues – Expenses = Profit. Read more

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