Deeper Weekend 2014



Scott Kregel

Scott is one part of a team of individuals that make up Kregel & Company. We change people’s lives by coming alongside those in their pursuit of doing good. At our core, we are givers looking to give opportunity, peace of mind and inspiration to small businesses and their owners. We help starters and established companies with practical accounting and tax consulting and compliance solutions. Whether you are looking to move your business accounting to the cloud, need ongoing bookkeeping support or desire strategic tax, financial and operational planning, Kregel & Company CPA will provide innovative solutions to save on taxes, prevent costly mistakes and free up your valuable time to run your business. We specialize in working with Creatives… those that use their minds to make a living, and the leaders of those small businesses. You could be a medical practitioner, a professional services firm, or a construction industry professional. Working together, we look to enrich the lives of our customers so that they are better off through their relationship with us.

Recent articles from Scott:

Many of us have heard of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. You know – the standing meetings, the quarterly priorities, the common language of reporting, communication and feedback loops. I’ll be honest… I never read the book. Well, last fall, a customer reached out about some ideas of theirs as it related to a major project […]
So, if any of you are like me, inspiration is a source of fuel and motivation. Leading a small firm is hard. Meeting the increasing needs of growing customers is challenging. Intentionally developing individual skills takes focus and precious time. And inspiring a group of smart people to work together toward a common goal is […]
In Thriveal we talk about many key tenants as we are building our practices… value pricing, results only work environments, business models and system design, and knowledge work. Part of knowledge work requires understanding how our brains function and how we build disciplines into our daily, weekly, monthly schedules so that when called upon, we […]
Who doesn’t like a good David versus Goliath story? You know, the nerdy kid at school who has the last laugh at the expense of the most popular kid. Or the low seeded team defeating a high seed in a key game. Or what about the current Xero versus QuickBooks drama that is being played out in the […]
Several years ago, two highly respected friends of mine shared book reviews with me. My initial reaction was confusion in finding grown professionals essentially writing book reports… and they didn’t even have to turn them in for a grade. It clicked for me after reading the book reviews that this was a brilliant and key strategy in learning […]