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Episode 130


Crypto for Accountants with Sonia Dumas, Part 1

with Sonia Dumas

Jason Blumer

You Are A Salesperson

One main job of a firm leader is to be a salesperson. This is at the heart of the main thing we do. And it's...

Jason Blumer

Exploring Freedom for The Accounting Entrepreneur

Talk to any entrepreneur, and you'll quickly hear the word 'freedom' as a reason for running their own business. Accounting firm owners are no...

Jason Blumer

Dare to Brand Yourself

What brands do you love? Apple? Nike? Billiam (a local favorite)? Why are you attracted to that brand? Something draws us to fashion, food,...

Jason Blumer

Making a Commitment to Messaging

In the years Julie and I have been consulting and coaching firm owners, we’ve learned a lot about the value of messaging. Messaging is...

Episode 43


The Contrarian Accountant with Dr. Jules Goddard

with Jules Goddard

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