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Episode 130


Crypto for Accountants with Sonia Dumas, Part 1

with Sonia Dumas

Jason Blumer

The Elusive Search for The Firm of the Future

The firm of the future does not exist. Never has, never will. As my colleague Adrian Simmons says, there will be "firms of the...

Episode 29


Leadership: There Ain’t No App For That with guests Melinda Guillemette and Michelle Golden

with Michelle Golden and Melinda Guillemette

Jason Blumer

5 Ideas You Can Leverage Now (that will change forever how you work and live)

The Necessity of Boundaries "You get what you tolerate." Dr. Henry Cloud, author of Boundaries. When we are bombarded by the burdens of others,...

Jason Blumer

Effective Use of Your Tools and Experience

Imagine you want to transform your dull yard into a gardener's masterpiece. You don't have the skills, so you have to find the expert...

Episode 99


The Not So Secret Sauce with Greg Crabtree

with Greg Crabtree

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