Deeper Weekend 2014

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For many entrepreneurial leaders, it feels odd asking for help, or relying on others. After all, entrepreneurs are people with passion and grit to do amazing things. But that passion and grit can get you only so far as your firm starts to scale larger. It often becomes surprising that the passion begins to drain out of the Founder of an entrepreneurial company that is growing larger.


At that point, the firm leaders/founders need help to continue to scale a company in a healthy way, and the job of the firm CEO becomes more tightly focused on leadership and vision. I can tell you from experience that to maintain a healthy focus on leadership and vision means the CEO/Founder must remain personally healthy. Things can fall apart quickly if the firm founder is being drained, not sleeping well, not eating well, or failing to exercise. Again, it’s hard for the entrepreneurial leaders themselves to request this help because they are the types of people that don’t typically seek help.


But the smart leader will begin to let go of some of the operational aspects of their firm- to allow systems and other people to begin helping them and to begin to focus on their health as they focus on their specific value of maintaining vision and leading phenomenal teams. I have personal experience that becoming overwhelmed and unhealthy will lead to a decline in your firm over time. It’s happened to me. I am a believer now that healthy firm owners equals healthy firms, and I need help to maintain this balance!


How do we do it? Our Deeper Weekend conference is designed to teach firm owners how to remain healthy as they scale their firms in healthy ways. Come learn how to scale a firm in a healthy way with other entrepreneurial firm owners also learning how to maintain their health.


Further, members of Thriveal can continue discovering what it means to stay healthy as they meet together monthly in their own Community Group with 8 to 10 other members (and get up to 25 hours of CPE at the same time). If you are interested in joining Thriveal, register here to come to a free monthly Intro Call to find out what Thriveal membership is all about!


We are inviting you to come to Deeper Weekend and collaborate with other accounting firm entrepreneurs discovering what healthy leadership looks like for them. If you think you are right, find out more info below!


What? Thriveal’s 7th Annual Deeper Weekend Conference
Who? Firm owners and accounting firm entrepreneurs looking to start their own firms.
When? October 25 – 27, 2017
Where? downtown Greenville, SC
Register? Here!
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