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Episode 155


Building Corporate Models for Firm Growth with Jeremy Clopton

with Jeremy Clopton

Episode 130


Crypto for Accountants with Sonia Dumas, Part 1

with Sonia Dumas

Jason Blumer

Rest-Rest vs. Owner-Rest

This past week was a great time to step away from our firm with my partner, Julie Shipp, and teach a leadership Summit with...

Jason Blumer

How Incubators Transform Firm Owners

We have just announced the re-launch of Thriveal’s Incubator Program: We started the Incubator many years ago, and we’re excited for version 2.0 to...

Jason Blumer

The Time I Fired Too Many Clients

There was a time when I first started building the niche of our firm around creative designers and digital agencies. We got a few...

Jason Blumer

There is No Strategy in Inbox Zero

It’s interesting how often we run into ‘managing an email inbox’ as a strategy to manage a firm. Entrepreneurs (and everyone else) really struggle...

Jason Blumer

Please Keep Hiring

We say this a lot in Thriveal: “Hiring is hard!” Many firm owners know from experience that hiring is very difficult to do. Team...

Jason Blumer

How Long Will You Lead Your Firm?

I have some questions for you: Are you building your firm to sell it? Do you plan to lead your firm as the owner/leader...

Jason Blumer

Considerations of AI for Knowledge Workers

At Thriveal, we lead a lot of very smart people who lead knowledge firms. Their main work in their firm is the creation and selling...

Episode 4


The Fine Line Podcast – Episode 4

with Jason Blumer & Julie Shipp

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