Deeper Weekend 2014

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Did you know that I have a monthly column called “The Change Agent” in the CPA Practice Advisor? The column is focused on helping our profession see that now is the time to change so that we don’t fall into irrelevancy.


In September, I told CPAs that they can be Comfortable No More. In October, I shared 6 Key Senses to a New World of Creative Service. And in the latest edition, November 2011, I explain How Creative Service Begets Proper Pricing.

It’s time that our profession looks away from our tax returns and looks to our customers to see what it is they need, and how we can meet their deepest desires.  Our customers need us – sound the alarm!  Change is coming, and you can be a part of it!  To get more involved in changing our great profession, go to our Membership page for more info.




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