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It’s time for dinner and I run by to get a pizza for the family. The place was busy and I had to wait a little longer than normal. I quickly found out why I was waiting.

I watched an employee that was confused about what she was supposed to do, while another young employee yelled at the Manager on duty to “cash me out!” I couldn’t understand why someone would yell at their Manager, but the Manager let her do it.  She obviously was trying to leave at a certain time, but was unable to because the Manager kept telling her to “finish the things on your list first.” Whether she did not know what she was supposed to be doing, or the Manager was not being clear about what she was supposed to be doing… the result was painful. I received late pizza and a terrible experience.

1.  What are you assuming your team knows and understands?

2.  What should you be telling your team that you are NOT telling them?

3.  How does your internal miscommunication affect your customer’s experience?

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